Sanitation and Water Supply for Greenhouses

Farm Water Systems provides ozone solutions that address the safety, environmental, and regulatory issues facing agriculture, agri-food, pharmaceutical, and bio-medicinal based production, and processing operations.  Greenhouse plants are susceptible to a range of fungi, bacteria, viruses, nematodes, and abiotic stressors (nutrients, stress, pollutants). Ozone provides effective disinfection of the greenhouse water and air used in Greenhouse plant production such as cannabis for example to disinfect surfaces, equipment, recycle water for reuse, and control odor in and around the facility.
It’s a perfect solution for indoor grow facilities like processing rooms, extraction processing facilities, and water treatment facilities.

Benefits of Optimizing Greenhouse Water:

  • Mold & mildew control
  • Microbe control
  • Odor control
  • Water contaminant removal
  • Oxygenation of feed water supply
  • Promotes healthier plants


Grow Room Surface/Equipment Disinfection

FDA approved, ozone disinfection systems have been widely accepted as an effective means to control bacteria through surface disinfection and odor control. Use an ozonated cold-water rinse in an indoor grow room before every grow period to keep grow room clean and disinfected.
  • Floors, walls, drains
  • Grow tables
  • Cannabis extract process equipment disinfection

1. Air Treatment

Farm Water Systems offers indoor air quality systems that reduce odors and airborne microbes for occupied and unoccupied space applications. Perfect for grow room and drying room air treatment and odor mitigation.

• Occupied Space – our HVAC system treats the air through the duct work of your facility, reducing mold spores and bacteria that can spread throughout the grow room, and can reduce odors in and outside of the building. • Unoccupied Space – use our systems between grow periods, and after surface disinfection has been completed with the (MDC) Mobile Disinfection Cart, (or aqueous ozone). An ozone gassing or fumigation can be provided to further destroy mold and fungus spores and reduce bacteria growth to prepare for the next grow period.

2. Irrigation Water treatment

All plants flourish when provided clean, bacteria-free water. Ozonated water applied to processing water can reduce bacteria, viruses, cysts, reduce hydrogen-sulfide, and other problem water contaminants, allowing them to be filtered and removed from the water leaving, clean, water for irrigation. In addition, ozone is produced by oxygen, therefore treating process water with ozone will help to add oxygen to the water and to the crop.

3. Problem Water Treatment

– Oxidation of iron, manganese, sulfur – Microbe kill; bacteria, mold, fungi, viruses, cysts – Floors, walls, drains – Cannabis extract process equipment disinfection
Ozone water treatment Here’s the scoop Ozone is not just another cleaner, ozone is a true sterilizer. It can completely destroy impressive amounts of spores, bacteria, viruses, mold, fungus, mildew, smoke particles and other contaminants while at the same time oxidizing any dead organic materials in its path. Because ozone has a spare, unstable oxygen molecule, as soon as it touches a pathogen, the spare atom breaks off and attacks the cell walls of the pathogen, rupturing them and killing it instantly, without hesitation or mercy. Extract written by Baron Wasteland published by Maximumyield To read the full article click to