Healthy Water = Healthy Poultry

Ozone-treated water can positively impact the health of your flock, feed consumption, feed conversion, and help maintain infrastructure.  High-quality water is essential for many life-sustaining and metabolic processes within a bird, therefore it accounts for much of the muscle composition and weight gained.  As a result, this makes it one of the most important factors in running a successful poultry operation.

With this information it is important to consider three key factors:

Water Volume

Over the years, genetic advancements for increased weight gain, feed intake, and feed conversion have consequently led to the current commercial broiler which attains heavier weights in less time with greater yields.  It is estimated that birds consume approximately 1.7 pounds (771.11 grams) of water for every pound of feed.  Therefore the amount of water a bird consumes is critical to how much feed they intake.  See graph below.

Water Quality

When water looks clear and tastes okay, we believe it to be good – right?  However, this isn’t necessarily true.  Conversely, water quality is impossible to judge adequately without laboratory testing.  Therefore, field experience has conclusively shown that unobservable differences in water quality, from farm to farm and even from one well to another within a complex, can result in significant differences in bird performance.

Water Delivery

It is important for your delivery lines and related water infrastructure to function at peak performance.  Often when water is contaminated with bacteria, a bio-film can form and those supply lines can slowly degrade and as a result, become a problem when peak demands are required.  Providing purified water before distribution lines is critical to any large poultry operation.

Graph showing that increased water consumption corresponds to increased feed consumption

Poultry Research Center

Welcome to the Water4Poultry research center.  We have complied below links and downloads to academic and industry research showing the benefits of clean water for your poultry application.

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