Ask a few of our very first dairy farm customers what they think about our product. Day in and day out over the last few years these farms have been using our ozonation systems to purify their water from many different types of contamination.

Lakeside Dairy

System in service since 2011
“We expect our cows to deliver a high quantity of quality milk. So we put a great amount of effort into our cows’ nutrition, and providing our cows with high quality water just makes good sense.”

 Helmig Dairy

System in service since 2011
“We didn’t expect the water to be this clean, when you compare the before and after storage tanks there’s a huge difference.”

Ridgeview Dairy

System in service since 2011
“The cows drink a lot more; they eat a lot more; and dry matter intakes have gone up. We’ve seen changes already in our milk tank.”

Van Der Smit Farms

System in service since 2012
“It’s running really good. There’s crystal clear water and we don’t have to deal with hydrogen peroxide.”

Crystal Lake Farming Co

System in service since 2014
“When we had Peroxide we hated having to deal with the chemical, it was dangerous.  Our ozone system just seems to look after our water perfectly, we really don’t have to do anything to it”

Sutton Farms

System in service since 2015
“We tried peroxide and chlorine but they just didn’t work.  “Since ozone was incorporated the holding tank is clean again”

Stradow Farms

System in service since 2010
“We wanted both us and our cows to stay away from drinking chemicals like Chlorine, we’re fully satisfied for sure!  Treating our water perfectly”