Quality Water = Quality Pigs

A bit of an opposite thing happens with swine than does with other stock on our farms.  When given poor quality water, pigs drink excess water, which in turn increases slurry volume.  This is undesirable because it adds to the growing concern of manure disposal within the livestock industry and increases the cost of applying manure on the land.  Furthermore, because animals must excrete any excess water consumed, their performance can suffer as energy, which could otherwise be used for growth or production, is expended on water excretion.”

1. Animal Health

Often called “the forgotten nutrient”, water can easily be overlooked when evaluating farm operations.  But water plays a key role in many chemical reactions and vital functions in the body.  Since at birth, a piglets body is 80% water (compared to 50% in a finisher), paying attention to this crucial nutrient is important for success especially at early growth stages.

2. Quality over Quantity

Poor water quality may encourage excessive water usage, which in turns creates manure handling and disposal problems as a result of increased slurry volume.

3. Fewer Antibiotics

Removing the bacteria from drinking water can reduce or possibly eliminate the need for antibiotics.  With growing public concern over the use of antibiotics and their residual left in waste, decreasing your use of antibiotics is beneficial for perception as well as your bottom line.
Ozone water treatment helps swine

Swine Production Research Center

Welcome to the Water4Swine research center. We have compiled below links to academic research showing the benefits of clean water for your swine operation.

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