taste and odor of water

5 – 30 ft³ t&o media filter (activated carbon) to remove taste and odor

2nd stage:  Our taste and odour removal filters take the water, post contaminant capture filtration, and help polish it to a very high level.  Smell, taste and any excess ozone that might be in the water are totally removed with this filter, leaving a very high quality palatable water for your stock.
  •  18″ to 63″ diameter fiberglass media filter
  •  Clack commercial control valve
  •  High quality taste & odour removal media
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Professional water treatment services are at your disposal to remove taste and odor of water.

Step 1:  Take water analysis, Step 2: Size oxidation needs to be based on analysis and desired volume, Step 3: Spec and quote system, Step 4:  Agreement signed, Step 5: Install system and clean water to desired levels
Perfectly filtered Perfectly filtered
Once your water has been treated it’s imperative to filter those old contaminants out, add in a polish and “wallah” it’s perfect!  
100% Satisfaction 100% Satisfaction
Quality fiberglass vessels by “structural” best in class valves by “clack” and the best natural filtration media on the market gives you an effective filtration solution for your farm’s needs.
Support 24/7 Support 24/7
Day or night we are here to make sure your water filters are working at peak performance, from replacement parts to re-bedding filters – we are here to help!