fw30-120mod Ozone Treatment

Ozone Water Treatment – fw30Pro2

30 – 120 grams per hour ozone @ 5% concentration by weight

Up to 100gpm on-demand treatment capacity capable

Our 30gph mod units can pair up to give you 120gph ozone capacity

Treating up to 100,000 gal per day to improve your ozone water treatment

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Step 1:  Take water analysis, Step 2: Size oxidation needs based on analysis and desired volume, Step 3: Spec and quote system, Step 4:  Agreement signed, Step 5: Install system and clean water to desired levels

Naturally Treated Naturally Treated
Ozonated water treatment oxidizing contaminants at the highest levels without the use of chemicals, no on-going chemicals needed!
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Quality components plus superior design equals one of the best high volume, natural water treatment systems in the agricultural markets today.
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