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Knowledgeable professionals in the agricultural sector believe that there is a direct correlation between providing clean, fresh drinking water to livestock, and livestock providing more and higher quality production.  Because of this, addressing any water source issues is key to your success and your bottom line.   Understanding this fact, doing all you can do to improve and maintain the quality of your farm’s water supply should be an important part of your operational management strategy.

The Potential Problem with your Water Source

Drinking water for animals on rural properties is typically sourced from deep or shallow wells, rivers, and dugouts.  The potential for these water sources to become contaminated and impure on a farm is often quite high.   Regular water testing will give you the information you need to make important decisions regarding herd health and production.

Just a few of the more common ways your water can become contaminated and unhealthy are:

Naturally Occurring Minerals

Iron, manganese, and other minerals can often be a significant problem on many farms, in many instances replacement of underground infrastructure may be the end result.

Animal Waste Leaching Infiltraton

Depending on the  location of your lagoons and dugouts, animal waste contamination in your fresh water source is quite common, yet is crucial to remove from your water.

Fuels, Chemicals, & Fertilizers

With the amount of man-made chemicals that are on a farm, it is hard to keep many of them from entering your water source.  Oxidation (breaking down) of such contaminants is critical.

Degraded & Fatigued Infrastructure

After years of service it is normal for infrastructure to fatigue.  Critical supply lines become unusable before their time due to a contaminated water source – a problem that can be minimized by treating your water.

Water Source Recommended Limits

Here is a breakdown on typical water contaminants, their recommended limits, and the effects on a farm when they are past those limits.

Common Water issues

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Water Analysis

Farm Water Systems offers onsite analysis of your water and can assist you in managing the task of both water quality and water infrastructure improvements.